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The SY 4000 is an innovative product with a different concept, being the only one made in Brazil that can be installed directly on the injection molding panel with 485, ETHERNET, TCP IP communication, or with different types of assembly of the Touch Screen HMI directly.
in the structure of the injection molding machine.

Synchro-Plast, thinking about 4.0 technology, can offer its customers, as an option, remote access or via a network system, the visualization function in addition to all

real-time programming and status functions. It can be connected via computer, tablet, cell phone or notebook.

In this way, Synchro-Plast guarantees the effectiveness of this product in the most diverse conditions of use, especially in applications of highly sensitive engineering resins, and also multi-cavity molds with low cycles where precise responses are required.

and absolute control in addition to speed and efficiency.


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